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In a far away land, legend talks of ingredients so hearty and scrumptious, when fate brings them together over a vegan pizza base, their destiny is to change the world forever. Don’t believe us? Discover for yourself how our Heartland Hero can save the day, delivering warmth and comfort on even the coldest and wettest of English days.
On a flawless white vegan mozzarella base, the warmth of our roasted aubergines, roasted courgettes and red onions embraces the heartiness of our Roasted potatoes (oven roasted with lemon, thyme & rosemary). Our green olives awaken the senses so you can be fully aroused by the garnish of our cashew cream. 
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Heartland Hero_edited.png
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hero second plants.png


Roasted aubergines, roasted courgettes, red onions, oven roasted potatoes with lemon, thyme & Rosemary, green olives, cashew cream and vegan mozzarella
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