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For City Slickers wanting to escape or Country Bumpkins looking for a slice of home - our pesto deserves the accolade (when you try it, you’ll see why), but what makes this v-izza peerless is found in lands of green far and wide.  
On a vegan pesto base with an array of nutrient-filled fresh spinach leaves, iron-packed broccoli, sense-awakening jalapenos, sumptuous black olives and heart-warming roasted garlic this v-izza is completed with slices of Salamino (vegan chilli sausage) and our scrumptious homemade aioli. 
peeless pesto.png
foliage PP.png
Trees PP.png
Water PP.png
little plants pp.png
Goose PP.png
Leaves PP.png


Spinach leaves, broccoli, jalapenos, black olives , roasted garlic, salamino, vegan pesto and home made aioli
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